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CineTrends mission
CineTrends analyzes relationships, developments and trends in the pool of most movies that have been released to theaters in Switzerland since (roughly) 1995.

The list of graphs is still being expanded and refined. While most views are publicly accessible, content drilldown is partially restricted to subscribers.

All graphs are based and updated on a data body of
  11302 movies
  179 distributors
  21 distributors HE
  20965 genre-datapoints
List of graphs by content disposition
Analyses organized by the type of content disposition within the graph:
 Comparisons: put specific aspects of the data in relation to one another.
 Networks: show relationships between data nodes and entities.
 Development: tracks a specific aspect over the development of a key figure.
 Distributions: find densities in the scattering within a data set.
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List of graphs by content entities
Looking for an analysis on a specific data entity?
Organised by all involved data entities, all appropriate analyses are listed here.

Examples of entities are: admissions, movies, distributors or ratings.
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List of graphs by content subselection
List of the available graphs grouped by their capability of subselecting a specific attribute of the data body.
Analyzing and comparing key those key figures allow to make statements or directly compare key factors or business entities.

Examples of subselections are the isolated views of countries, genres, regions or years...
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